ASCRS Question Bank

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ASCRS Question Bank contains self-assessment questions that you can practice on the web or your mobile device. The program is intended for the education of colon and rectal surgeons as well as general surgeons and others involved in the treatment of diseases affecting the colon, rectum and anus.

Questions come from prior editions of the Colon and Rectal Surgery Educational Program (CARSEP).

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Getting Started

Study each of the six pillar at your own pace and in any order.

Anorectal Disease

This pillar encompasses the broad spectrum of anorectal disease such as hemorrhoids, fissures, abscess/fistula, pilonidal disease, infectious disease and perianal dermatology. In addition to the evaluation and testing options available, both non-operative and surgical treatments are discussed.

Benign Disease

This pillar encompasses a broad range of benign colorectal conditions from diverticular disease and colorectal trauma to lower gastrointestinal bleeding and the various colitidies. Included here is an in-depth discussion regarding the evaluation and treatment of patients with inflammatory bowel disease.


This pillar encompasses the evaluation, staging and management for more common colorectal tumors such as colorectal and anal cancer. In addition, less common malignancies such as carcinoid, melanoma and GISTs are reviewed. Other topics include the pathogenesis, epidemiology and screening/surveillance strategies for colorectal cancer. Management is broken down into adjuvant and surgical therapy, as well as approaches to locally advanced, recurrent and Stage IV disease. This section also presents a detailed discussion on colorectal polyps including hereditary neoplasms, polyposis and other genetic syndromes.

Pelvic Floor

This pillar encompasses the wide range of conditions that affect the pelvic floor and defecatory function. Constipation, fecal incontinence, and pelvic floor prolapse are covered in-depth, as well as the testing strategies, operative and non-operative treatment regimens for each condition.

Perioperative (Includes Endoscopy)

This pillar encompasses the diagnostic evaluation, perioperative optimization, and risk stratification for patients undergoing colorectal surgery. Included in this section are detailed discussions on topics ranging from colorectal anatomy and physiology to radiographic studies and endoscopy. Additionally, various methods to assess and optimize patients preoperatively as well as identify and manage postoperative complications are discussed.


This pillar encompasses various topics that involve the operative, office, and non-clinical settings. Discussions regarding quality, economics and practice management, as well as minimally invasive approaches and care for the pediatric patient are included.


ASCRS Question Bank
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