Intestinal Stomas

Michael F. McGee, Peter A. Cataldo

Key Concepts

  • Preoperative stoma site marking and patient education improve stoma-related clinical outcomes, patient quality of life and experience, while decreasing healthcare resource utilization.
  • The finished stoma should protrude from the skin, thereby improving the seal between the appliance and the peristomal skin and decreasing complications.
  • Optimal care for patients undergoing ostomy surgery includes preoperative and postoperative care by an ostomy nurse specialist, such as a WOCN-certified nurse.
  • Early stoma-related complications such as leakage, peristomal dermatitis, and dehydration can often be remedied with stoma care and patient education.
  • Loop ileostomy is preferred over transverse loop colostomy for temporary fecal diversion in most circumstances.
  • Stapled and hand-sutured techniques are both acceptable for loop ileostomy closure.

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Last updated: January 26, 2022