Anastomotic Construction

H. David Vargas, David A. Margolin

Key Concepts

  • Anastomotic construction represents a fundamental and essential skill restoring intestinal continuity and preserving bowel function and continence.
  • It encompasses a broad range of methods and configurations and can be performed utilizing a spectrum of operative platforms.
  • While anastomosis may be a heterogeneous endeavor, consistent fundamental principles must be preserved in all its forms.
  • Stapling technologies represent a challenge for surgeon knowledge and understanding their use in clinical practice given the numerous innovations and specific tissue–device interactions.
  • Colonic mobilization techniques bringing bowel into proximity to the distal limb while preserving blood supply represents an essential and critical skill for anastomotic construction. Surgeons must be familiar with advanced techniques for mobilization to achieve anastomosis.

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Last updated: January 26, 2022