ASCRS Annual Meeting 2021

Annual Meeting Selected Sessions

Provided here are selected sessions from the 2021 ASCRS Annual Meeting organized by the six pillars of colorectal surgery.

Anorectal Disease

SYMPOSIUM: AIN and HRA: What the Colorectal Surgeon Needs to Know

Benign Disease

SYMPOSIUM: Controversies in IBD Surgery

SYMPOSIUM: Management of Diverticulitis. Is There Anything We Were Taught That is True?


SYMPOSIUM: Paradigm Shifts in the Diagnosis and Neoadjuvant Treatment of Rectal Cancer

SYMPOSIUM: Beyond the Knife. Personalized Colorectal Cancer Treatment – Genetics, Molecular Targets, Immunotherapy and More

Pelvic Floor

SYMPOSIUM: Pelvic Floor: The Great Falling Out.


SYMPOSIUM: Enhancing Your Recovery Program

SYMPOSIUM: How to Wake-Up from An Intra-Operative Nightmare

Miscellaneous (Leadership, Mentoring, Ethics, DEI, and more)

SYMPOSIUM: Diversity in Colorectal Surgery

Last updated: January 31, 2022