Robotic Transabdominal Approach to Retrorectal Mass

Naomi M. Sell, MD, MHS, Anthony R. Mattia, MD, Todd D. Francone, MD, MPH

Video Summary

This video describes the removal of a retrorectal mass via a transabdominal approach in a patient with an incidental finding of a presacral soft tissue mass on MRI during a prostate cancer workup. This video reviews the etiology and workup of a presacral mass in addition to describing the transabdominal rectal-preserving resection of the mass. This includes port placement, instruments, and accessories, as well as tips for a total mesorectal excision dissection and deep pelvic dissection.


Teaching Points

  1. Etiology and workup of presacral mass
  2. Patient preparation
  3. Patient position/instrumentation
  4. Technical pearls/tips of robotic total mesorectal excision dissection
  5. Potential areas for injury/complication
Last updated: July 21, 2022