Laparoscopic Right Hemicolectomy with Complete Mesocolic Excision by Suprapubic Single-Incision with Different Intracorporeal Anastomoses

Giovanni Dapri, MD, Ph.D, Nigel A. Bascombe, MD, MBA, Shamir O. Cawich, MD, Alessandro Fichera, MD

Video Summary

In this video a laparoscopic right hemicolectomy, performed by suprapubic single-incision access is reported in a 45-year-old woman presenting an adenocarcinoma of the cecum, classified as T2N0M0 at preoperative workup. The different steps of the procedure are shown in the video.


Teaching Points

  1. Patient preparation.
  2. Patient position.
  3. Critical steps.
  4. Technical pearls/tips.
  5. Potential areas for injury/complication.
Last updated: July 21, 2022