Incorporating Imaging Modalities into Clinical Decision Making for Patients with Pelvic Floor Disorders


Patients with pelvic floor disorders may suffer from bowel, bladder, sexual dysfunction, pain disorders, or pelvic organ prolapse. Pelvic imaging tools supplement clinical examination by providing a visual representation and dynamic view of the pelvic organs. This webinar will focus on posterior compartment pathology and will educate attendees about radiologic interpretation, treatment and the decision-making process.

CASE 1: A patient is referred to you for pelvic floor symptoms, a rectocele and internal rectal prolapse. Pelvic floor testing and imaging will be reviewed. The patient is requesting surgical repair. The panel will discuss will patient symptoms, radiological findings, treatment and surgical decision making.

CASE 2: A woman presents with fecal leakage, incomplete evacuation and feelings of pressure rectal bulge. The panel will discuss which testing and imaging to order and interpreting these studies. The panel will discuss the role of multicompartment evaluation, treatment and surgical decision making.

Q &A: What is the panel’s approach to a patient with abnormal imaging in the setting of pelvic pain disorders?

Moderators: Brooke Gurland, MD, Liliana Bordeianou, MD
Panelists Case 1: Colorectal-Amy Thorsen, MD, Massarat Zutshi, MD \ Radiology-Guarav Khatari, MD \ Physical Therapy-Julia Barten, PT
Panelists Case 2: Colorectal-Sara Vogel, MD, Ian Paquette, MD \ Radiology-Vipul Sheth, MD \ Physical Therapy-Julia Barten, PT \ FPMRS, Urology-Ekene Enemchukwu, MD

Credit Hours Available: None
Release Date: January 14, 2021

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Last updated: February 15, 2022